Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club

Hook to Table

When:  January 26, 2010
Where:  Lecture Hall A at the Veterinary Academic Building
Doors will open at 7:00PM, and the meeting will begin at 7:30PM.

lee-deaderick_00.png Lee Deaderick, this month's featured speaker
The GOFC is an indispensible source of information on where, when, and how to fish.  But what happens when you actually catch fish?  OK, maybe not a problem for some of us, but assume lightning strikes and you have a boatload of delectable fish.  Do you ice them, brine them, or keep them in a massive live well?  At home, do you scale and gut, fillet, or steak?  What tools should you use to make the task easier...several fillet knives, an electric knife, or one big axe?  What do you do with the 6 lbs of fish that didn't make it to the table?

All good questions, demonstrating a fishing trip does not end with the fish dangling from the hook. Those "in the know" understand there is a science to ensuring that your catch will remain tasty for the evening meal or the weekend fish fry.  That's why we've called in an expert, Lee Dederick from Northwest Seafood…our official person "in the know".  Lee makes his living providing Gainesville and surrounding areas with the freshest, best-looking seafood possible.  How does Lee do this? Catch the meeting and he'll tell you…

The fishing trip was a fun, the catching part a blast, and the dining the piece de resistance…if you follow Lee's advice from Hook to Table!

Webmaster note: Northwest Seafood gave a filleting demo a couple of years ago.  Lee offered to fillet a fish using anyone's fillet knife.  I offered my trusty 1.5 inch pocket knife, warn and dulled from my harsh webmaster duties.  Lee never flinched.  In a few minutes he returned my knife, two fillets, and a carcass you could see through.  These guys are good!