Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club

Tricks for Better Fishing

bouncer01.png Captain Bouncer Smith's ride
When: September 25, 2012
Doors will open at 7:00PM, meeting at 7:30PM.

Where:  New Lecture Hall

Captain Bouncer Smith (left in both pictures at the right) has fished Florida waters since he was 15, inshore and offshore, and has been a successful South Florida fishing guide for more years than most of us have fished!

Captain Bouncer Smith is also an excellent teacher and has been featured on TV, hosts a radio show, gives frequent seminars and has authored more than a few fishing articles.

Bouncer's South Florida stomping grounds are crowded and the fishing pressure intense. Anglers working these waters need a few special tricks to entice fish that have seen most everything. This can take years of trial and error!

Fortunately for us, Bouncer's been there and done that, and promises to reveal some of the tricks he has learned to ensure a successful fishing trip...South Florida or Big Bend!

Cooler temperatures and better fishing are on the way...I think. Get a jump start on the Fall action, and the GOFC Fall tournament, and take a few Bouncer Tips on your next fishing trip!