Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club

Shallow Water Kayak Fishing

When: September 27, 2011
Doors will open at 7:00PM, meeting at 7:30PM.

Where: UF's Equine Auditorium.
Directions: Turn off SW 16th Avenue onto Shealy Drive at the stop light. Park in one of the parking lots on the right. Walk down Shealy drive past the new Small animal hospital to the third building on the left, behind the tall fence. Signs will guide you from the double gate to the auditorium.

Jerry McBride, former Associate Editor for Florida Sportsman (20 years) and current Fishing Director of Made-in-America D.O.A. Lures, has been kayak fishing south Florida longer than some of us have been fishing. He's learned a thing or two during this time and will share some of his secrets for shallow water kayak fishing.

Before you blue-water types scoff at the idea of kayak fishing, consider the rising price of gasoline and the increasing number of offshore species closures...we might all want to add kayak fishing to our repertoire! Kayaks fit in garages too!!
Jerry will bring a fully rigged-for-fishing kayak for members to examine.

Did I mention that Jerry McBride was Fishing Director for D.O.A. Lures? This will be a prime opportunity if you've ever considering starting your own tackle company or marketing your super-secret lure. Get advice from the team living the dream! jmcbride_doa_04.png jmcbride_doa_02.png