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GOFC Photo Contest Winners for 2007

photocontest_2007_01.jpg First Place
Although the Kiel family made multiple appearances in the winning photos and on the winners’ list, the entries in our first photo contest were really pretty good and varied.

GOFC Past-President Jay Peacock, Board Member Gary Green and I had the pleasure of looking at over 100 entries and had little trouble picking the winners.

First Place went to Brian Kiel for the photo of his daughter, Kaitlyn, fiercely hugging a large sea trout (on the cover of this magazine). This image exemplifies the quality of the image we were looking for. It was a good exposure, nicely cropped, and most important, FUN!

Second Place went to Mark Rustemier for a nice photo of both Jay Peacock and a grouper “smiling” at the camera.

Third Place went to Russ Roy, for a shot of Brian Kiel holding a pair of whoppers — stone crabs, that is.

While we had lots of excellent photos, many entries were simply shots of folks holding up fish in ordinary on-boat situations. All three of our winning photos were departures from those ideas, in that the subjects showed lots of expression and the fish were being handled in unusual positions. My experience is that fish held on gaffs or lipping devices tend to look distorted in photos and look awkward.

It’s time to start thinking about winning next year’s prize, so start shooting those fishing photos now. Remember to get close, show some fun, and get some slime on your camera!

Author: Tommy Thompson

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