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GOFC Photo Contest Winners for 2008

photocontest_2008_01.png First Place: Ian Daniels Look-A-Like
by Mark Rustemier
photocontest_2008_02.png Second Place: Steinhatchee storm
by Rick Davidson
photocontest_2008_03.png Third Place: Kaitlyn with Sea Kow
by Brian Kiel
The results are in for the GOFC Photo Contest, and it seems that one of "Shotgun" Mark Rustemierís 67 entries was a winner.  I would hope so!  Actually, it was a great shot of Ian Daniels and a nice sheepshead making funny faces at the camera.

I had the pleasure of going through lots of really nice photos with former GOFC President Jay Peacock the other day.  And while not everyone entered, we had a nice selection from which to choose our winners.

First Place
Mark Rustemier, "Ian Daniels Look-A-Like"
Second Place
Rick Davidson, "Steinhatchee Storm"
Third Place
Brian Kiel, "Kaitlyn With Sea Kow"

In general, my overall impression with the photos is that thereís a misconception among anglers that a photo of a big fish is always a "winning  photo.  Not so.  Many of you (Including Rustemier, about 50 times!) entered photos of someone simply holding up a big fish.  I urge you to get a bit more creative and try something unique, whether itís a scenic shot, a boating shot or even a big fish shot.  Look for different angles and backgrounds, or do a "release  shot.  Different techniques draw attention to the photo, too.  Markís winning shot was fun, as well as properly cropped and exposed.  And itís obvious that Rick Davidson was brave enough to weather a stormís approach to get his 2nd place photo, and that Brian Kiel had a brand new underwater camera.

Thanks for entering!

Tommy Thompson
Itís time to start thinking about winning next yearís prize, so start shooting those fishing photos now. Remember to get close, show some fun, and get some slime on your camera!

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