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GOFC Photo Contest Winners for 2009

photocontest_2009_01.png First Place
Fisherman's love affair with a redfish
by Bob Hudson
photocontest_2009_02.png Second Place
Kayaker battles mighty trout
by Rick Davidson
photocontest_2009_03.png Third Place
Kaitlyn's snapper
by Brian Kiel
The 2009 GOFC Photo Contest was a big success this year, with all ranges and styles of photos entered. Judges Jay Peacock, Sanford Boye and Tommy Thompson labored over them (and a fine Mexican lunch), finally deciding on first, second and third place winners. First place depicted a fisherman's love affair with a redfish, and was submitted by Bob Hudson. Second place, submitted by Capt. Rick Davidson, was of a lesser angler than he, aboard a kayak, attempting to keep a small trout from swamping the boat. Third place, entered by the famed angler, hunter and house husband from Ponte Vedre, Brian Kiel, was an excellent shot of a largish snapper dwarfing his smallish daughter, Kait. Ed Ellett and Kristen DiFranco took honorable mentions.

Of the 95 or so photos entered, some were of fish, but many were not. Remember folks, this IS a fishing club and that there's a likelihood that a photo with a fish in it will win. Think about that next year when you get ready to submit your beautiful sailing photos, portraits of bikini-clad scallopers or shots of wine glasses resting soulfully in front of a beautiful Steinhatchee sunset.

And finally, thanks for entering the 2009 GOFC photo contest!

Tommy Thompson
photocontest_2009_04.png Honorable Mention
Cole and Ed Ellett
by Marcia Ellett
photocontest_2009_05.png Honorable Mention
My dolphin
by Kristen DiFranco

Itís time to start thinking about winning next yearís prize, so start shooting those fishing photos now. Remember to get close, show some fun, and get some slime on your camera!

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