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GOFC Photo Contest Winners for 2010

photocontest_2010_01.png First Place
by Rick Davidson
photocontest_2010_02.png Second Place
by Brian Kiel
photocontest_2010_03.png Third Place
by Brian Kiel
Thanks to everyone for entering the 2010 GOFC Photo Contest. We had almost 60 entries. The first place winner is Rick Davidson, proving that you don't have to be handsome to win the contest. Also, and more important, the fish in your photo doesn't have to be a whopper either. Rick's use of an unusual angle to photograph a nice boatside catch-and-release of a small sea trout was the clear winner from the entries. Second place went to Brian Kiel for his layout of a nice catch of trout and reds. Again, the idea was a bit unusual, as it had no angler included, but the photo had nice color and texture. Brian also won third place with his shot of happy scallopers. This simple photo went a long way to show the family orientation of scalloping, as well as that of the GOFC.

As usual, we had lots of entries that did not include any fish in them. I think this year's winners speak to the need for entrants to consider that fish in photos might better their chances in next year's contest!

Tommy Thompson

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